Just a few months later and we are back in New Mexico. This time, for Christmas in Taos, Santa Fe, and the Ojo Caliente Hot Springs.

Day 1 we drove from Denver to Taos,


Our ever trusty steed, Helga.


We rolled in to check out the Taos Ski Valley just before sunset.


Next up was the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.


Bus selling hot drinks.


Imbibing at a nearby brewery.


I brought a lot of hats to keep warm,

Day 2 we drove to Santa Fe and explored by foot,


We went to Meow Wolf. I was expecting a mystery to solve… but really it’s just a place to Instagram.


Day 3 we checked into Ojo Caliente, soaked in some hot springs, and relaxed.


Day 4 we checked out and drove home. Merry Christmas!

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