PCT Day 99+ Portland

• We’re crashing in a big house in SE Portland, with a relative of hiker Alex. This plan was created a long time ago, and we’re gonna hang out and enjoy Portland for a good 5 days. Here are the highlights of the week as it went:

• Monday: Tried a fried chicken biscuit breakfast place. Went to check out “Next Adventure”, a local REI type store that Yardsale used to work at, I picked up a few used shirts in their basement clearance section, similar to a Goodwill. We walked to the Next Adventure warehouse a little ways away because the normal store didn’t have a good selection of “free shirts” that Yardsale promised us. We dug through boxes before a handful of us picked out a sea foam green T-shirt to our liking. Had happy hour drinks at a nearby pub, then dinner across the street. Went back to the pub for karaoke, over served and sang a lot then stumbled back home.

• Tuesday: Whole Foods for lunch, took the tram on the west side and back down. Strolled through the rose garden.

• Wednesday: drove to the beach on Sauvie Island. I hear there’s a nude beach somewhere close, but we kept it PG. Made family dinner back at the house.

• Thursday: successfully escaped an escape room, drinks and food at a bowling alley while waiting for rush hour traffic to subside.

• Friday: Carie and I had food truck lunch downtown, went thrifting at a familiar spot, checked out the Japanese gardens with our friends, packed up our stuff and enjoyed a barbecue at Frodo’s house, said goodbye to all our hiker friends, had drinks with my high school buddy, got a ride to the airport, and took the red eye back to Denver.

• In between all of the outside activities, we watched a lot of “Stranger Things” and other Netflix shows.

• Boomer, Yardsale, and God are gonna get back on trail to hike Washington, Elise is flying back to Canada, Bradley and Claira will go back to LA, and Alex and MaKaila will drive back to Sacramento.

• Heck of a time on the trail, heck of a time meeting all these wonderful folks. Will be back to finish California and Washington before I die of old age, and hope for a trail fam reunion soon.

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