PCT Day 96 – Timberline Lodge

5.4 miles, near 2097.4

• Woke up with breakfast on the mind. Timberline lodge serves an all you can eat buffet breakfast, so we wanted to make sure we got there before it ended.

• Hiked past a heart shaped drawing of mustard on the ground. Surely a sign from Bradley last night on their night hike, but why leave the mustard?

• We arrived to the lodge around 8, plenty of time to eat. Breakfast was delicious. We moved our stuff from the dining room to the lounge and charged some stuff.

• Not sure how these things happen, but we booked a queen/twin room for 8 hikers. 3 on the queen, 2 on the twin, 3 on the floor, and not any easy route to the bathroom.

• I skipped lunch, running strong off the breakfast buffet. Got a snack from the gift shop. There’s no way to buy booze or resupply at this lodge, hardly any food to eat outside the restaurants.

• A few of us had pizza at the blue ox bar, then found our way to the outdoor pool. There was a basketball pool hoop and no other guests outside, so we had a good time horsing around. We soaked in the hot tub and made toasts to each other, finishing a bottle of whiskey.

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