PCT Day 94 – Warm Springs River

19.0 miles, near 2065.1

• Our buddy “boomerang” from shelter cove caught up to us this morning. He saw the sign for trail magic and had to come check it out.

• Someone in camp had a hanging scale so we could weigh our packs. We all had varying amounts of food and water, but to give you an idea of what everyone is carrying… 22 lb for boomer, 32 bradley, 34 god, 36 yardsale, and 44 for me 😦

• Lots of wild blueberries on the trail today. Ate a bunch at our first water stop.

• Knowing Mt Hood is close, I’ve been looking forward to actually seeing it. Finally got a break in the trees for one glimpse, and my goodness she is a beauty!

• My feet couldn’t handle the last 3.5 miles without a break. That pack weight really catching up to me.

• Part of the problem is packing out beer, 2 cans I was really looking forward to drinking at camp. I chilled them in the creek as I setup my tent.

• Boomer also packed out a wine for each of us, reminiscent of our previous night together in the ski cabin.

• Full house tonight with all spots claimed this side of the creek. Hiker named “Little Skittle” is camping here too, she’s a little famous amongst hikers, she vlogs on YouTube and hiked through the Sierra this year.

• Frodo got the guitar out and we had a campfire. We sang songs and some dude brought out his harmonica. He seemed really eager to impress, tried singing “Landslide” but it was super slow and incredibly tone deaf. So much cringe 😭

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