PCT Day 92 – Whitewater Creek

22.3 miles, near 2033.2

• Had some really great views of Mt Jefferson up close this morning. We are curving clockwise around it for the next 30 miles.

• Met our guitar friends Frodo, Smokey, and Guinea pig again this morning. They were camping below us at the lake edge last night. We started hiking with them.

• We hiked a good 12 miles before stopping for lunch around 1pm at a beautiful alpine lake. A bunch of us went for a dip after eating, water surprisingly not too cold, and pretty deep near the middle, I couldn’t touch bottom.

• It was hotter today, although not a lot of time under the sun. We hiked through forest, on ridges, in burn areas, and pushed lots of elevation change.

• We crossed Milk Creek with a thick snow bridge remaining. It kinda looked like an avalanche came through and then a mud slide after, because the snow bridge was covered in thick dirt and debris.

• An hour later we crossed another creek, fed by the Russell and Jefferson Park glaciers. This one was raging, with very few crossing options. I had the driest shoes on the other side, but it involved some sketchy rock hopping that nobody else tried.

• The mozzies are bad at camp, forcing us to eat in the tent again.

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