PCT Day 85 – Stormy Lake

20.9 miles, near 1935.3

• Woke up to pee at 2am, which was an ordeal. Tiptoeing around sleeping hikers, climbing down the ladder, finding my shoes, opening the creaky door, finding the “pee tree”. There’s literally a tree a few paces away from the cabin with a sign saying “pee tree” with the drawing of a guy taking a whiz.

• Didn’t sleep very well the rest of the night, too many people rolling around on their sleeping pads, which are notoriously loud.

• Our new friend “Boomerang” was up first and out of there ASAP. He’s the first guy we’ve met so far who has thru hiked the entire trail unbroken, through the sierras and everything without skipping, very impressive. He only started a few days before us back in April, so… safe to say he hasn’t taken as many zeroes as us 😆

• Another friend we met at shelter cove named “Sunshine” was downstairs packing stuff up. She accidentally smashed her hand through a pane of glass, trying to swat a mosquito. She cut her wrist and blood started dripping everywhere. We got some pressure on the wound and wrapped her hand up with a bandage. Hope the mosquitoes aren’t too bad for the crew staying in the cabin tonight 😅

• Pretty cruise-y day on the trail, not too much up or down. Stopped at a lake for lunch, mosquitoes not too bad. I have extra dinners because Carie isn’t here to split it with, so I’m eating mashed potatoes for lunch. I wanted to go for a swim, but chickened out when the sun went away.

• A guy walked up to us at lunch and said he was doing some trail magic just around the corner and we should stop by. We talked for a while, he’s the dad of “Ducky”, his son is hiking the CDT this year. Ducky did the PCT last year, but ducky’s friend was going to pass through the area today, so ducky’s dad wanted to be there to see him. Yardsale has a coworker friend hiking the CDT this year too and was swapping stories with ducky’s dad. Turns out Ducky is her coworker and they were talking about the same person the whole time. Small world.

• Walked through some more burn areas, but mostly forest. The mosquitoes were rabid at camp again, made a fire but couldn’t enjoy it. It’s even pretty breezy and getting colder and they won’t quit. Finished some chores and put the fire out, then ate dinner in the tent.

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