PCT Day 84 – Maiden Peak

8.2 miles, near 1914.4

• Biscuits and gravy for breakfast was decadent and salty. I had some leftover pizza from yesterday at 11 because I thought we were hiking out, but that didn’t happen until 230.

• Someone thought mimosas was a good idea, then that turned into 7 more bottles of champagne. I was watching all this happen, deciding I did enough drinking yesterday.

• When we did leave, it was all uphill out of camp and my hiking mates were feeing the champagne. Always fun to be punished with a climb after a day off.

• We passed the lower, middle, and upper rosary lakes, then climbed higher above for an obscured look through the trees.

• Made it to a ski cabin for the night. There’s a nice table and chairs to hang out downstairs and a big loft upstairs to lay down our sleeping bags. Leaving the mosquitoes outside.

• We packed out some wine from shelter cove, gotta keep this party rolling. A couple hikers setup their tents outside, but 6 of us slept in the loft. Still a little room upstairs and nobody downstairs for the night.

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