PCT Day 83 – Shelter Cove

15.0? miles, near 1906.6

• Picked up some deet wipes at windigo pass yesterday, left by the water cache trail angel, they’re kind of like wet napkins treated with deet. Now I can wipe my cheeks before using the bathroom in the morning and minimize the mosquito bites… and here you thought the PCT was all smiles and unicorns.

• Passed through a horse camp, just a normal campground with hitching posts, but you need to have a horse if you want to camp there. Lot of big trucks and horse trailers.

• Played some more DnD to pass the time as we walked along the river. We made it to the resort by 1pm, perfect timing for lunch.

• Ordered the hiker special cheeseburger, drank many beers. We did coin laundry and took 3 min coin showers.

• We hung out on the porch all afternoon and ordered dinner. Yardsale asked for a can of beer, god fumbled it then tossed it to her, she cracked it open and poured it over his head. Guess she thought he was micropranking her with a fizzy can and she didn’t appreciate the trick.

• I setup my tent in what I thought was the free PCT camping area, a big open rocky area. Nobody else had setup their tent yet so I was flying blind. A bunch of others found spots tucked away in the forest, so god helped me move my stuff without totally breaking it down. Later I noticed 1 bent pole, assuming it got a little stressed during the move.

• Watched the sunset and shared stories by the fire pit with other hikers.

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