PCT Day 82 – Skyline Trail

16.5 + 5.0? miles, near 1878.3

• Rough time for morning poopers, clouds of mosquitoes ready for me. It was my worst case scenario coming to life. I need some deet, asap!

• It’s pretty warm today, but still lots of mosquitoes. Guess there’s not enough direct sun and wind to scare them away.

• Carrying a lot of water from yesterday, we’re in a dry stretch for a while longer.

• We took a break in a burn area, a nice spot above the mosquitoes with some cell service.

• Filled up water from a cache at Windigo Pass, then decided to take the “Oregon Skyline Trail” alternate route, which will save us from the snow on Diamond Peak and shaves off 7 miles to our next stop at Shelter Cove. It’s a little weird because we’re now off the normal route and guthooks app can’t help us find the trail via gps, although the trail appears to be on our garmin maps in case we get lost.

• We role played some DnD to pass the time and eventually stopped to camp around 7pm. There’s some kind of bird that keeps making really loud and eerie calls, like a dinosaur? A real barky boy. Or maybe it’s Bigfoot throwing his voice?

• We listened to an audiobook on Bradley’s phone “The PCT will break your heart”, it’s a weird mix of diary and smut from one hikers experience 5 years ago. It’s the source of a lot of memes and inside jokes for us.

• Not exactly sure on the mileage for today because we don’t have good mile marker data on the alternate.

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