PCT Day 80 – Grouse Hill

11.7 miles, near 1841.9

• We ate breakfast and got ready for the 9am trolley to take us the 5+ miles to rim village. There was a sign on the info board saying the trolley wouldn’t be running today, but nobody in the store knew anything about this, cool. The trolley came on schedule anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The rim village store didn’t have deet either.

• We hiked a few miles around the lake before Twinkle and Nibbler told us they were bailing out, getting off the trail for good. This was a surprise, we were all sad. We said our long goodbyes and 4 of us continued hiking.

• We moped along and took a break to play some cards and drink some leftover beers.

• We crossed paths with Yardsale’s friend “Beerback” and stopped to talk a while. He and her hiked the desert together before she flipped north with us.

• The trail continued north away from crater lake and flattened out with lots of places to camp. We picked a spot next to a meadow, hoping for a breeze to keep the mozzies away. This strategy didn’t work and we were in bed before sunset. Their buzzing is audible outside the tent and the crickets are chirping extra loud and high pitched.

• Camp is definitely a little depressing without our 2 friends, but it’s still nice to have a good group of 4.

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