PCT Day 79 – Crater Lake

• Checked out of the hotel on time, that was a first. We scheduled a taxi for 230, so we killed some time at the diner and saloon next door.

• Yardsale got a milk shake at lunch, same sassy waitress from yesterday gave her extra extra whipped cream, which yardsale aggressively inhaled.

• Got our ride back up to crater lake, and it’s raining out. The campground hiker/biker site was closed due to fallen trees. Someone was offering extra space at their site to hikers, but we opted to rent a room. We are really good at hiking.

• The entire Mazama Village experience is generally awful. The cafe food is expensive and mass prepared, the store was out of deet and didn’t offer fuel canisters, the ATM was broken, the campground was full and didn’t offer any solutions for thru hikers, the shuttle to the rim only runs in the morning, the post office is miles away, the backcountry permit office is miles away, you basically need a car to get anything done.

• Back at the room, God and Bradley got their legs shaved by the ladies, because why not? I think they may come to regret it.

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