PCT Day 77 – Prospect

12.0 miles, near 1820.9

• It was colder than expected last night, didn’t sleep too great. It also could have been the “midnight mocha” drink mix I had at dinner with instant coffee listed as an ingredient. There was absolutely no indication of caffeine on the packaging, so I assumed it was just hot chocolate.

• Found the road around noon, lots of cars but nobody stopping for a hitch. We walked about a mile and into Crater Lake National Park, stopping at mazama village for lunch.

• It’s yardsale’s birthday this week, turning 25, and her parents wanted to treat her and our group to a night in town. They found a bed and breakfast in a town called Prospect, about 45 min west of crater lake. They also found a taxi cab that would come pick us up and bring us down to Prospect. We told them we were at the Annie Creek restaurant at crater lake, but the taxi misunderstood and went to the Annie Creek restaurant in Medford, which was in the opposite direction. This confusion pushed our ETA back to 7 or 8 pm, so her parents booked a second night in Prospect to make the whole trip worth the time and effort. All of this is happening on very limited WiFi FaceTime and multiple levels of phone tag.

• We sat on some benches in front of the restaurant, all of our stuff surrounding us. We bought a 12 pack of Coors from the general store just in case we couldn’t find beer in Prospect, but ended up drinking the whole case while waiting. We were pretty sure the gas station would sell us beer, but bought another 2 cases just to be safe 🤞🏼

• The taxi finally showed, and somehow we fit 6 packs in the trunk of her Buick, and 6 dirty hikers inside. Luckily the car had a spot to sit in between the driver and front passenger, otherwise it would have been 5 in back.

• On the ride down, we somehow got to singing the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do song from sound of music. I told everyone about the drinking version we sang at the bone haus in college, they got a kick out of that.

• We arrived in Prospect, checked in to our room, shotgunned a beer in the parking lot, realized there was a family getting in their car, and hid behind the corner.

• We walked to the bar, they weren’t serving food, so we continued down the road to a pizza place. I think we would have been eating camp meals if pizza wasn’t open, there’s nothing else in town. The family we saw in the parking lot was also at the pizza place. We ordered 3 ‘zas to share, they brought them out one by one as they cooked. We hurried to eat the first one just to impress the waiter. He said “wow, y’all must be hungry”. Nailed it.

• We had a couple pitchers and stumbled back to the hotel. A truck came to a stop sign perpendicular to us and turned onto the road behind us as we were galloping like dinosaurs. The driver rolled down his window and asked “y’all okay?”

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