PCT Day 74 – Fish Lake

8.9 miles, near 1759.6 / 1773.4

• Got some good sleep last night, don’t remember waking up too many times. A bit of a rarity out here with our basic air pads, and sharing a tent with a snorer 😋

• We hiked a few miles before reaching a good spring for water about 50 yards off trail. We chatted with our friends and filtered what we needed before heading back up to the trail. I was hiking just ahead when I heard Carie cry out behind me, gasping for breath as waves of pain shot through her foot. She accidentally stepped weird and rolled her ankle off the trail. I helped take her backpack off and we assessed the situation. It seemed pretty serious, definitely a wicked sprain, but she was able to walk and bear weight. Without another option, we needed to continue hiking forward until we reached our destination for the night at the fish lake resort.

• We hiked for another couple miles before encountering an older couple hiking with their dog. Carie started talking to them and explained how she sprained her ankle and didn’t think she could hike much farther. They offered to give us a ride to the resort, and we gladly accepted. Their car wasn’t parked too far away, but it was pretty small, so the wife stayed with the dog, while the husband Cleve drove us out of there. His wife is very German and I didn’t catch her name. Cleve told us all about his overseas service in Germany in the 1960’s and other fun stories during the 20 minute drive. We were very lucky to run into them when we did, in an otherwise pretty remote area.

• Just before we reached their car on the dirt road, we passed a dead bunny in the middle of the trail… just half of it, a pair of legs. Wonder how that happened? Later we heard that Nibbler saw a black bear just off the trail, possibly near that bunny.

• Once we got to the resort, we went inside the restaurant for lunch. We were starving, hadn’t eaten anything in hours. Carie ordered the wings, which came out super breaded, like traditional fried chicken. Can’t seem to win anything today, but the waitress was also gluten free and took them back.

• Our friends showed up near dinner time, looking pretty exhausted. I guess we missed some gnarly lava rock section in the late afternoon. That would have been extra tough on a very sensitive ankle.

• After dinner, I called aunt barb and explained what happened today. She agreed to drive out to us in the morning and pick Carie up so she could get her foot checked out by a doctor. Very generous, and again lucky to be so close to family in an emergency.

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Home sweet home 🏡🐛

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Bonsoir Lune 🌙

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