PCT Day 73 – Klum Landing

20.6 miles, near 1750.7

• Didn’t need an alarm to wake up today, the birds did it for me. Pretty noisy and you can’t hit snooze on them!

• Left camp around our normal time of 730-800. I had some interesting rumblings going on and needed to pull over to use the bathroom a second time, which has never been required before.

• At one of our breaks, we saw a ferret scamper across some logs and out of sight. He was very quick and noticeably longer than any squirrel or chipmunk, and had a black tipped tail.

• We hiked most the day in the forest, with only a few breaks in the trees to see the Ashland valley. The trees in the forest are remarkably tall, which is one of the only redeeming benefits to hiking in a green tunnel.

• We only had 1 good water source in between camps, so we had a couple 10 mile water carries. Never fun lugging 2+ liters for a long distance, starts to grind us down.

• We made a fire at camp and twinkle toes had a photo shoot through the smoke with a flower crown she crafted.

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