PCT Day 69 – Ashland

Barb setup a guest bed in the spare room, with the mattress half way in the closet. The doors fanned out into the room, so if I wasn’t careful, I’d bang my knee against the door.

I ran some errands in the morning, first stopping at the Safeway to see if I could snag a couple brown boxes to ship some resupply food ahead. The Starbucks lady couldn’t find anything in the back, but the guest services lady had a few empties up front. Next, I went to the library to print some fedex labels, then I went back home to get Carie. We walked downtown to a tap house for a drink, then got Indian buffet lunch. Afterwards, we walked to the local hardware store for some packing tape.

We walked south to Lithia Park and hiked up to the reservoir. It’s a beautiful trail along the creek and in the forest. The reservoir water was marked as not safe to wade or swim in because of e. coli concerns, so we hung out for a bit then walked home via downtown. I was very thirsty and didn’t bring a water bottle, so I hunted for all the drinking fountains I could find.

We talked to Barb when we got home, then the three of us walked back downtown to see a circus performance at the outdoor amphitheater. It was pretty entertaining, but they could use some work on the audience jokes. Lots of juggling and balancing and choreography, a strong man ripped a phone book in half. We visited with Moneeka and Sean and Casey after the 45 minute show, then walked to the food co-op for dinner.

Our hiker friends stayed in Medford all day, and we will meet up at the trailhead tomorrow. The weather is unusually cool for the season, so it’s been very pleasant to walk around and enjoy the town.

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