PCT Day 68 – Road trip to Oregon

Alex drove Bradley and Claira down to Ridgecrest to rent a car first thing this morning. The rest of us packed up, checked out, and moved our stuff over to the park. Both cars came back eventually and we started driving north.

I had mom send packages to the first few resupply points in the Sierra before we decided to skip it, so I needed us to stop in Independence and Mammoth on our way north, to pick up the packages already delivered. These locations weren’t too far out of the way and added just a little extra time. Everything was recovered successfully, now all I need is to try to get packages back from Tolumne and VVR.

Near Mammoth, we got off the highway to visit Convict Lake. It’s a big lake surrounded by massive mountains. I guess it’s a pretty big deal and attracts a lot of tourists. It was pretty busy when we rolled through, although we couldn’t linger too long, we still had many hours to drive to make it to Ashland in 1 day.

We stopped in Reno for dinner at the Pollo Loco. My first time eating this chain, Carie used to eat here all the time in high school. It was decent.

We drove through small towns, played the cow game, meandered past Lassen Volcanic park and a few other PCT NorCal towns. I saw some PCTers try to hitch in one of the towns. We passed some big snowy peaks, but it got too dark before we could see Mt Shasta.

We finally made it to Ashland around 11pm, Bradley dropped me and Carie off at Aunt Barb’s house, then they continued onto their hotel in Medford. Alex’s car drove to Sacramento to pick up hiker “Yardsale”, so they made it Medford too a little later.

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