PCT Day 67 – Lone Pine

2.3 + 1.9 miles, near 745.3

• We slept in a little bit, but still wanted to get going so we had enough time in town to figure out a rental car for our flip north.

• It was a quick 2 miles to the junction to get off trail. There was no snow on the trail down like we feared, just lots of melting runoff.

• We moved out of the forest and into a big open rocky area next to a river flowing into Horseshoe Meadow. We had a nice view of some distant 14ers to the northwest, and crossed a broken bridge to the parking lot. Claira showed up in the Subaru with perfect timing, we all piled in and drove down the mountain.

• There was a sweeping view of the valley and the Alabama hills below us. We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch.

• We tried checking into a nearby hotel, but the manager was out to lunch. Each time we called or drove into the parking lot, one of the cleaning ladies yelled some incoherent explanation about the manager being out, and we should take a seat and wait.

• We eventually checked in, walked to the laundromat, picked up some beer, ordered tacos from a truck, switched the laundry, ate more tacos, then went back to the room to hang out.

• We watched Free Solo, the climbing documentary of El Cap. I had seen a view scenes of it already, but not the whole movie, so that was lovely.

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