PCT Day 66 – Dutch Meadow

21.5 miles, near 743.0

• Last night was way colder than expected, I was pretty uncomfortable and did not sleep well. I plan on wearing my rain coat with the hood tonight.

• Camp was in the morning shade, but I needed to shed layers as soon as we got in the sun on trail. The moment I stopped, the mosquitoes swarmed. There was an amazing view of the valley and snowy mountains, but I couldn’t stay longer than 15 seconds because of the bloodsuckers.

• We could hear fighter jets flying low all day, a lot harder to spot them. Also saw a big 747 flying high with 2 escort jets. Not sure if it was Air Force One? Or a military training drill?

• We read about a secret cave spot ahead and wanted to stop there for lunch, but we missed it and found a different cave that wasn’t very cool.

• I misjudged the water sources ahead and didn’t get enough at lunch, so I was pretty low and needed to swipe some swigs from Bradley.

• We found a potential camp and attempted to get water at the creek. There were weeds growing on the bank, and the only water I could reach was stagnant, so I needed to balance on a log to get closer to the flow, but I slipped in the muddy water.

• We pushed another mile to a different camp spot and ate dinner with some friends. There was a massive lenticular cloud above us and behind the trees, it was a magical sunset when the cloud lit up. We made a nice campfire and turned our alarms off, tomorrow will be easy.

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