PCT Day 65 – Cow Creek 🐮

19.3 miles, near 721.5

• We woke up early today and got back on the trail. Carie and Claira dropped me off at the trailhead, they will find something to do for the next 3 days while the group hikes to Lone Pine, which is the very beginning of the Sierra, but we hear is still snow free. We will flip up to Oregon after Lone Pine.

• I have a package arriving in Kennedy Meadows today, so Carie is going to pick it up. It could take all day, and it takes a long time to drive anywhere, so they will probably stay in town, even though Carie described sitting around here as “the 7th layer of hell”

• I’m hearing new sounds in this range, like rushing water (alleluia!), but we’re also still hiking in sand, hopefully not for long.

• Found the perfect spot for lunch, leaned up against a tree in the shade. I would have stayed longer, but also wanted to catch up to the group.

• We crossed a fork of the Kern River with a bridge spanning the water. A massive group of swallows made nests under the bridge, swooping around and eating all the bugs. Bradley and Sean were floating down the river on their air pads, ready to ride the rapids. We chilled for a nice long while before hiking on.

• We stopped for dinner before finding a campsite. God of War just got a stove for the first time on trail, so he was very happy to eat a hot meal. Can’t imagine how he ate tuna wraps for lunch and pepperoni wraps for dinner, every single day for the last 2 months.

• We’re supposed to hang our food or use a bear can in this section, but I’m sleeping with my bag and risking it for the three days it takes to reach Lone Pine.

• We climbed 3600 ft today, from 6000 to 9600, so it’s pretty cold tonight. We made a campfire and huddled close.

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