PCT Day 63 – Kennedy Meadows

19.5 miles, near 700.4

• Set off for the day with a plan to stop for lunch in the shade. We got to the top of a mountain and couldn’t find shade, so we kept hiking. Got most of the way down before hiking off and up trail for the first trees we could see.

• We weren’t planning on making it to Kennedy Meadows tonight, but we were making good time and decided to push to grumpy bears restaurant for dinner. We tried contacting Carie and Claira but they weren’t anywhere close to give us a ride, so we walked on the most direct trail. We got off the sand and started walking the road before we got picked up in a van from another hiker for the final mile.

• Our friends ahead of us were already at the restaurant when we arrived. They told us the kitchen closed 10 minutes ago, which was a huge bummer, but they ordered us a pizza, which was a real life saver. Guess we’ll have a burger tomorrow.

• We met a French hiker who had never eaten chicken wings before, he was using a knife and fork.

• We were pretty wiped from the day and set out to find a spot to put up our tents. We could hear the DJ on the restaurant patio start up his set, but thankfully that party only lasted 45 minutes.

• The only other noise nuisances were drunk hikers yelling, people blowing air horns, and RV generators. Good night moon 🌙

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Peace out, desert! ✌🏼#pct2019

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