PCT Day 62 – Chimney Creek

17.1 miles, near 680.9

• Happy 2 month trail anniversary to us! Hard to believe it’s been this long, but day by day it adds up… and we’re still in the desert (just barely)

• We had some really nice views today, climbing up and over and around big valleys. A top 10 day for vistas.

• I listened to hours of podcasts while I climbed. At this point, I’m not sure how I ever hiked without it.

• It was Bradley’s 27th birthday, so we celebrated when we got to the campground. He wanted to shotgun beers and we had an ice axe handy, so we used that to make the bottom puncture. I was the shotgun champ for 2 of 3 rounds, beat out by Nibbler on the last round. I was surprised by how many people have never shotgunned a beer, like did you even have a legit college experience?

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