PCT Day 49 – Tylerhorse Canyon

14.6 miles, near 541.5

• Thought I just had terrible allergies this morning, but now I think I’m getting a cold.

• We walked the remainder of the aqueduct in the morning after a good 4 hours of sleep. We walked amongst the windmills and made our way to a big bridge.

• There was at least a dozen of us under the bridge, hanging out and napping under the oppressive mid day sun. We spent a good 6 hours in the shade before leaving and continuing north among the windmills and up into the mountains again.

• A group of French guys we know told us they met a hiker last night that did 47 miles and wasn’t done yet for the day. That is beyond comprehension.

• Carie has 2 bags of food, 1 for meals and 1 for snacks.

• The last 6 miles to camp started as a gradual uphill through the windmill farm, then turned to a battle that was straight up, windy, and in the dark. The heat of the day, dehydration, and my newly minted cold compounded the physical and mental struggle. It was one of those moments where I just wanted to give up, but then we turned the corner and camp was this little oasis below, out of the wind with a few spots left to setup a tent.

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