PCT Day 48 – LA Aqueduct

22.3 miles, near 526.9

• Our water source this morning was a cistern, which collects rainwater from a slanted metal roof and channels it into a shaded concrete structure. Difficult to scoop the water, but a crucial source in the desert.

• Heard another swarm of bees riding the breeze. Such a weird phenomenon.

• We hiked down and out of the mountains most of the day, arriving to the Mojave desert floor. Once we got to the road, we encountered “Hikertown”, a little makeshift town with a Wild West theme. Each building was a room to sleep, but named like “Bank” or “Sheriff” or “Saloon”. The vibe there was kinda creepy, but probably harmless. There’s a weird feud between this place and their cafe vs the gas station and cafe down the road named Wee Vill.

• We ended up calling Wee Vill and they came and picked us up in a minivan to shuttle us to their place 7 miles to the east. Matteo was very excited by the minivan AC.

• There’s a little back yard oasis for hikers to camp and shower at Wee Vill. We dropped our stuff and ordered double cheeseburgers, it was delicious. Matteo was very excited for the burger, “Best burger of my life for sure” and “Wow this is an experience. I love my life.”

• We got a ride back to the trail head and started night hiking the LA aqueduct, a very iconic stretch to PCT hikers. It’s a 20 mile waterless stretch on flat pavement in the Mojave, so a popular strategy is to night hike it.

• Claira blasted top 40 stuff and we all sang along until 2am when we couldn’t take it anymore and had to crash. Bradley Claira and Carie all drank Red Bull energy drinks at 8pm, I managed to do without but was on the verge of hallucination.

• Fun fact, Claira knew all the lyrics to all the songs we played to keep us awake.

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