PCT Day 47 – Liebre Mountain

18.8 miles, near 504.6

• We woke up and started climbing towards to a water spring, already pretty hot.

• Around lunch time, we stumbled on a gravel parking lot with some trail magic! A guy named Todd setup some shade and was grilling dogs, handing out beers, the works. It was his first time hosting trail magic and really nailed it. He works with the LA fire department and had a bunch of time off to do cool stuff like this.

• After plenty of rest and a full belly, we continued on. The afternoon was in the forest and offered plenty of shade.

• We saw another rattlesnake. It was on the trail and spooked the ladies. It slithered off trail, but Bradley hung back to make sure I saw it.

• We’ve been seeing a lot of Miners Lettuce, a type of edible plant like spinach. When I tried it, it reminded me of kale and our little garden in Denver. Funny how things like that spark thoughts of home and the life we used to live, makes me a little nostalgic.

• Actually, I think of home often and of what we’re going to do next. This is the perfect example of the perspective you gain out here and how it helps you appreciate the modern amenities and life style we all take for granted. Most days are difficult and the “type 2 fun” is only recognized the next day upon reflection.

• We were excited to reach the 500 mile mark, but it happened to be at the top of a long uphill, so it was one of those “are we there yet?!” moments. And because of minor changes to the trail over time, the physical marker was actually at 501.8, and because it’s a small post that can be picked and moved, it was actually at 501.9 for some reason. Nevertheless, we made it 500 miles, took a goofy photo, and sang that annoying “I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more” or whatever.

• We arrived at a good water and camping spot and made some food before walking down the hill and setting up our tent. It was really windy and we were pretty exhausted on top of not much sleep from last night. Carie packed out one of those single serve wine bottles from Ventura and chugged it in the tent. About 2 minutes later she was out and immediately snoring.

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