PCT Day 36 – Baden Powell

6.9 miles, near 376.2

• Today was the first day in what looks like a nice stretch of weather. There was a long line of “atmospheric rivers” coming off the ocean and piling up behind each other, bringing lots of precipitation to Southern California for the last 2 weeks. We’ve been dodging snow and rain in all the high elevation areas, and the sierras ahead just got a couple more feet of snow… this is very unlike the normal pattern and it’s making everything a little more challenging.

• Our first task was tackling Mt Baden-Powell just a few miles out of town. It stormed last night, so the trees were half full of icy snow. Once it started warming up, the snow would crash down whenever the breeze came through.

• We started in the sun, then descended into the clouds. We swapped sun and fog every 15 minutes as we rounded different corners of the mountain.

• We met up with some friends that were hiking ahead, but left town about the same time. We found water and a potential camp after about 6 miles, halfway up Baden-Powell. We can read comments left by other hikers on our navigation app about water or camping. It looked like there could be some better spots another couple switchbacks up, so I dropped by pack and scouted it out. I did find a much better spot ahead, so that cost me 1.5 total miles hiking an extra half mile up, back down, and up again with my pack.

• A couple ultralight dudes passed us just as we were getting to camp, asking if we were trying to catch the sunrise at the summit tomorrow. Nah… that’s gonna take us a while, you can go for it. Don’t feel like setting an alarm for 3am.

• I bought some knockoff Cheetos from the store before leaving town. They’re made in El Salvador and the serving size is 7/8 cup. Don’t worry Chester, Diana brand “Cheesteens” or “Quesitos” won’t be bringing you down anytime soon.

• I accidentally broke the tip off of one of my trekking poles. I was hiking over some rocks and my pole got stuck as my momentum kept me moving forward before I could get it released. It shouldn’t really affect anything, but it’s a little dull now obviously and kind of a bummer.

• It got cold fast, since we’re at 8000 ft. We got in our tents as soon as we finished dinner, around 715. Sun hasn’t set yet, and we’re sleeping with our filters. Carie has a rough cough, maybe a mix of altitude, asthma, and a cold.

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