PCT Day 35 – Wrightwood Zero

Today we slept in a little, ran some errands, and hung out. Rhonda ordered some groceries for delivery, so we piggy backed on that and got our lunch supplies without actually shopping in store.

We picked our hiker friend Aurora up at the “Bud Pharm”, a local spot that opens its doors to hikers to stay in town. You could guess they grow pot, but it wasn’t visible or obvious.

We drove into “downtown” and ate at a Mexican spot. On Sunday’s they have a buffet, which was a little odd but delicious. Mexican buffet is a new thing for us. They had servers scoop food on our plates, all the normal rice beans enchiladas rellenos bbq and fajitas, I was hoping for street taco fixings, but nope.

By the time we ate and ran a few more errands it was already 5, which surprised us. The grocery delivery took a little longer than expected, so we didn’t get to lunch til later, but alas, time to eat again soon. We went back to the house, ordered pizza, and relaxed by the fireplace.

It was interesting to see all the Joshua trees in the area, the first we’ve really seen them this trip. Many of them were bearing fruit, which are apparently edible, but taste awful.

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