PCT Day 34 – Wrightwood

17.4 miles, near 369.3

• Rough start this morning, just “married couple” arguments. I think it’s because we didn’t do the McDonald’s resupply challenge, bad karma.

• We continued our march uphill in the morning, stopping for lunch at a flat spot. The sun was out, but the wind chilled our sweat fast. Every day we are constantly putting on or taking off our coats as we trudge up a hill or stop for a break or the sun comes out or goes behind the clouds.

• Memorial Day camping is in full swing. We’d pass an established campground and see all the activity, or notice random people stealth camping at the end of a dirt road.

• We happened to see our friends Bradley and Claira (cabin in big bear) on the trail as we neared our hitch point into Wrightwood. Bradley ordered 40 nuggets at the McDonald’s in Cajon, but needed help finishing them. Too bad, I thought he was a slammer.

• There was a ski and rescue sign on the mountain that said “warning don’t go beyond the ski boundary, or you may die, and your family will be responsible for the rescues expenses”

• We got a hitch into town and met Carie’s friend Rhonda, who lives nearby and is hosting us for the night. We had a beer at the local brewery and drove home to make dinner. Rhonda’s house is in the hills, it makes you feel like you’re off-roading, dodging big washouts and pot holes just to get home. Her husband drives a ‘97 accord up the rough road just fine though.

• We heard that a bear had been seen around town, and when someone tossed their old mattress in a dumpster, that bear crawled in and took a nap on it.

• Our hiker friends Shaylee and Craig are obsessed with hot tubs, so when they went to the hardware store for the list of trail angels, the first thing they asked was if one of them had a jacuzzi. Totally inappropriate, but hilarious.

• When we got to the house, I took a shower. Rhonda has lots of hair product, so it was a smorgasbord of choices. I used an avocado and olive oil shampoo, and a pineapple curls conditioner. It’s what my hair needed.

• Carie looked up at me from the couch and said “my feet don’t actually hurt that bad”, which is the very first time she’s ever uttered those words. Yay!

• The original box ETA we wrote on this mailed resupply was 5/12, and we picked it up on 5/25… less than 2 weeks late, not bad 😆

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