PCT Day 33 – Wright Mountain

10.0 miles, near 351.9

• Didn’t get back on the trail until 12:30pm, of course. And we’re always in the room at least 10 minutes past check out.

• Some of our friends hit up the McDonald’s again, we declined that resupply.

• Cajon is a super busy place because the interstate runs from LA to Vegas through here. There’s also a ton of trains running through the area. Most trains I saw were hauling truckloads of freight, FedEx and other companies familiar to me from my previous job.

• Before we left the hotel, I raided the hiker box for a clif bar and some squeeze peanut butter. Even though we’re already hauling a ton of food, I couldn’t pass up a free snack.

• We found some shade to eat lunch and met another hiker named Thomas, from Sweden. He mentioned how he also went to papa smurfs house in big bear, but declined to stay once he had a look around the place. Look at this guy, he has standards! He must not have needed the WiFi, because it was blazing fast.

• We passed mile 350 today, but never saw any markers to celebrate it. There’s usually some kind of monument made by stones or sticks or pine cones in the shape of the miles achieved. I didn’t notice until 20 minutes later, and nobody else at camp noticed any markers either.

• Although we only hiked 10 miles, it was a good effort up and down ridge walk. We made it to a 2 tent campsite just off the trail, and managed to squeeze 6 people in for the night.

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