PCT Day 28 – Snow Day

• Went into town for breakfast at a Mexican place. We arrived 10 min after opening, but they weren’t quite ready. They had us turn on the corona neon sign above our booth.

• We stopped at the fish and tackle shop, someone needed socks and we heard it was the place to go. They happened to have Salomon shoes, which Carie has had good luck with in the past, so she bought a new pair and dumped her current pair of Altra’s that we bought in desperation on day 10. Really feeling good about this pair, it’s going to be the one she needs and will leave the pain behind 🤞🏼

• We spent the rest of the afternoon at the cabin doing shake downs, going through each persons stuff and discussing if they could drop any extra or unnecessary gear. It’s a good exercise in pack management, what’s in your backpack that you haven’t used in the last 4 weeks? We all found a few things to ditch or send ahead or send home.

• The weather was decent in the morning, but it did end up sleeting and snowing in the afternoon with high winds. Definitely not stuff we’d want to hike in, so I think it was a good decision to lay low one more day.

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