PCT Day 23 – Mission Creek

13.6 miles, near 232.1

• Carie bought a milk frother at bed bath and beyond over the weekend. Tried it out on trail this morning, makes a mean cup of chai. Need it to really get the mix stirred in and silky smooth.

• Encountered our next big water crossing since day 3. Carie attempted to cross a log, but had to drop down and stabilize with her hands and scramble back. We put our sandals on and waded across.

• There were like 30 more water crossings that took the entire afternoon. We put our shoes on after that first crossing and didn’t get our feet wet once, but the whole process was exhausting. There was a big flood back in February, so a lot of the trail got washed out or cut off by debris, which meant we had to detour around and find our way across these massive river beds. And some of the banks we were scrambling up required hands and knees because the ground was at our waist, so not exactly a walk in the park. Thought we would have hiked more miles today, but this creek section really slowed us down.

• Took a little siesta after lunch under a half shaded tree. Too lazy to put our food back in the bag, some of our chocolate melted when the sun creeped over and the shade moved.

• I have a thick layer of salt encrusting my entire body. My clothes haven’t been washed in 8 days.

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