PCT Day 20 – Zero in Costa Mesa

• Our friends with the car can only fit 5, and there are 6 of us. The plan is to head west to Costa Mesa for a day or two, so not necessarily just a quick ride where we could squeeze 4 in the back seat. We rented a car in town and will bring it back early Monday.

• We drove west and went to REI. I purchased a new sleeping pad, and new sunglasses with a hard case.

• Finally got some in n out, a double double and animal fries.

• We bought a bottle of wine to share, and checked at least 5 liquor stores before we found a super simple wine corkscrew that we could carry with us for the duration of the hike. It’s the size of a short pen with a cap on the screw that pulls off and fits in the base to make a handle.

• Our friend Pickle is hosting us for the night at her old work warehouse. It’s in the family, so it’s cool. There’s a music lounge with drums and guitar, and some office space in the front, while clothing racks in the warehouse live in back.

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