PCT Day 18 – Fuller Ridge

8.1 miles, near 187.5

We packed up from the campground and got a hitch back to the trail at 815, then had to climb 2.5 miles back to the PCT. It was around 10 by the time we started our mileage for the day. I think it’s always a little hard to get back in the groove after being in town. There’s one section of trail called Fuller Ridge that is covered in snow right now and easier to traverse in the mornings, so we are camping just shy of the section so we can cross first thing tomorrow.

Our packs are very heavy, with all the food we need for the next 5-6 days. I couldn’t fit it all in our two bear bags, so I have a plastic bag clipped to my pack as well. It has a few bags of chips and other things not easy to compress. Not ideal, but should work for a day or two until we have more room.

We used our yak tracks / micro spikes for the first time today crossing some snow. Glad we have them, they don’t weigh very much. Will definitely need them tomorrow.

There was a water crossing right before camp, a group of hikers were getting water and watching us pick our way across. I made it fine and everyone cheered, then Carie went and slipped into the water on the first rock because she was nervous from the audience. Who knew the performer among us would get wet feet?

The very last stretch before we made it to camp was finding our way around and over snow to rejoin the trail. It was pretty slushy and slippery, both of us fell a couple times. I can’t imagine the hikers who did this section even a month ago, it must have been miserable always trying to find the trail through the snow, because it was surely a lot deeper and more widespread. Since we only did 8 miles, we got to camp around 430, our earliest arrival time yet. It meant we even had time to watch an episode of the OA downloaded from Netflix, and to bed just after 8.

One thought on “PCT Day 18 – Fuller Ridge

  1. Yes we know that all the world’s a stage, but be careful w/ those “theater jokes” …at least your ambitious little rock-hopping hiker only got wet feet and didn’t break a leg 🙂


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