PCT Day 17 – Still in Idyllwild

I woke up today with one goal to accomplish, a goal I did not know I had yet. The goal was to eat an entire bag of nacho cheese doritos (1500 calories). Our friend Craig was getting back on the trail and needed to drop some food, so he bequeathed the salty snack to me. I also had too much to carry, so I decided to eat them. I was successful in finishing the whole bag, not even that hard. It was pretty much my lunch and dinner, so everyone just relax. I also had a couple beers and read 7 pages of “Walden”.

Carie was not feeling well this morning, so we didn’t get back on the trail. We checked out of our room at the inn and moved to the campground. She took it easy, drank some Powerade and ate croutons. She then graduated to a smoothie and chicken rice soup. I think she will be ok to hike tomorrow.

A couple of our friends nick and cassidy are in town too, so we talked to them and made plans. We ended up seeing the mayor, a golden retriever named Max, in his pickup truck in front of the local

Cowboy hat store, and going to watch avengers for $5 at the “rustic theatre”.

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