PCT Day 12 – Anza

16.7 miles, near 144.0

My hands are starting to chafe from my trekking poles, on the thumb and especially my index. Not sure why it’s happening now, but I don’t want it to get worse, so I stop using my poles whenever possible.

We’re carrying a lot of water, it’s far and few between in this stretch. Most of the water sources are mostly useless, like dig a hole and maybe you’ll get a pool of water. One of the sources today was a “concrete cistern”. When we passed by, we saw a guy finishing his laundry… literally washing his dirty laundry in the one water source for miles, thanks dude.

Carie ran out of water 4 miles before we stopped, so when we found a water cache 2 miles earlier than anticipated, it was a god send. We ended up hiking less than a mile to camp with some friends with plenty of time to watch the sun set.

The coyotes were out celebrating their kill early tonight, first time we’ve heard them on the trail.

I’ve somehow ripped the crotch on my hiking pants AND my town shorts, so… nice job David, really crushing it out here.

One thought on “PCT Day 12 – Anza

  1. The lighting in these pictures is incredible. You guys are troopers in managing the water situation. Also ripped pants pix or it didn’t happen.


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