PCT Day 11 – Mike’s Place

14.8 miles, near 127.3

Last night was the calmest evening we’ve had so far, hardly any wind. We left the river and started climbing after a few miles in the morning.

I was listening to some music in the afternoon, when I looked down and noticed my lens cap was missing from my camera, I didn’t hear it fall off. Luckily, it was only like 50 feet back on the trail. It would be a lot harder to keep the lens clean if I lost it, so now I’m extra careful.

The day was pretty hot and we were ready to find some water by the time we reached “Mike’s place”, a sort of trail angels house. There were 20+ hikers already there, hanging out, drinking beer and relaxing, shooting hoops by the garage. Mike wasn’t there, but a guy named Scott was acting as caretaker. I found out later Scott was a roofer, working on the house, and Mike needed him to watch the place so he could leave for a couple days on an emergency. Scott was tan and had a beer belly, liked smoking and drinking with the rest of the hiker trash, but really knew his way around the outdoor brick oven, like he used to own a pizza restaurant. He was also super attentive to the grounds and made sure we had water and kept the beer stocked. Just a super chill spot for the night, and we made pizzas with the brick oven to share. There was a sea of tents in the back yard. I’m not sure if I should believe the roofer story I was told, he may have just been a hiker that stopped by and never left.

3 thoughts on “PCT Day 11 – Mike’s Place

  1. “Roofer Dave” has a certain ring to it…..er, second thought, don’t get any ideas! Cool dudes on a hot day are a real gift, on or off the PCT 🙂 Great postings!

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  2. Love this post and love that you got some beer, pizza, and good people. I like speculation about who Scott really is haha.


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