PCT Day 10 – Agua Caliente Creek

3 miles, near 112.5

Spent most of the day resting at Warner Springs. Got a ride to the golf course for breakfast, picked up a resupply at the post office, Chris(?)/Kiki (wife of Bobby Ozone) let us use her shower at the resort before checking out of the room, drove us back to camp in the kikimobile. Did bucket laundry and hung it out to dry, organized food for the week, charged some electronics, posted some blogs, talked to some people, packed everything up and hiked 3 miles through beautiful meadows filled with cows and along the agua caliente creek. Made Cuban rice and beans and mango sticky rice for dinner, both were a little disappointing.

Dropped 3 bags of powdered peanut butter in the hiker box before we left, and bought a jar of jif peanut butter… everything about the powdered stuff not working for me. Maybe if we ate oatmeal in the morning, otherwise it’s pretty unpalatable.

Carie got a mad sunburn on her back while doing laundry, because it took her 2 hours to do a 15 minute chore 🤪

One thought on “PCT Day 10 – Agua Caliente Creek

  1. Cuban rice&beans and mango sticky rice?? You would make a fancier meal hiking than most would try in their kitchen. Hope you find sunburn relief soon. Maybe you will… I’ll read on.


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