PCT Day 7 – Julian

17.3 miles, near 77.0

The bad:

• Woke up today feeling like I got no winks, it was very windy last night. Our tent was convulsing with the gusts, hard to sleep through that. I feel like there’s got to be a tighter setup than what we’ve achieved so far.

• Couldn’t figure out why there are so many big mosquitoes/may flies at camp, then I looked down and the grass was moving with all of them breeding and buzzing around.

• I wore my broken glasses in the morning, super glued them at lunch, then they broke again in the afternoon. I put them in my pack, then found the other side broke sometime in the evening, so now I have a pair of lenses and 2 broken arm pieces.

The interesting:

• My friend Brian on our bike trip would always list the song of the day stuck in his head. Today for me it was the Kirby theme from super smash bros.

• After a pretty full day of hiking, we reached a highway junction called Scissors Crossing. This is where people recommend you get a hitch west 12 miles to the town of Julian. They have a bunch of bakeries, a brewery, and other good food. PCT hikers get a free slice of pie a la mode at “Mom’s”, so the siren song was irresistible. We were able to get a hitch in the first 5 minutes from a nice man and his dog. Windows down and country music blaring. I don’t think I’ve ever hitch hiked before, worth it for the pie.

• We met a couple other hikers at the brewery and talked for a while. Best moment of the night was when the owners dog arrived and was doing laps between us on the front porch, his whole butt wiggling with excitement.

• We pitched our tent on the grass behind the market/deli for free, we’re sharing the space with 2 other hikers.

4 thoughts on “PCT Day 7 – Julian

  1. Look at all those mountains and hills!! Pie looks delicious. I heard if you have a song stuck in your head, listen to it beginning to end to get it out. Not sure how it works with video game theme songs doh. Bet you loved Scissors Crossing, Carie 😘

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