PCT Day 6 – Cottonwood Canyon

18.2 miles, near 59.7

The good:

• Great to get back on the trail. Just a couple miles out of Laguna and we had sweeping views of the valleys below and the tall mountains in the distance.

• Had a nice breeze at least, not too hot during midday

• Our longest day yet, need to keep adding the mileage.

The bad:

• Allergies were annoying today, think the pollen is pretty high.

• Feet are feeling pretty tired. Either from the day off or just walking more.

• Found my sunglasses broken in my pack, one of the sides snapped off, but I think they are still wearable

• It’s really windy at camp. Our tent doesn’t perform super well in the wind, so we probably won’t get much sleep.

• Won’t have water tomorrow, so we are carrying an extra 10 lb

• Anxious for our friend Pickle who was going to night hike. She’s gonna miss all the best views, and it’s gonna be tough if she wants to stop here because this site is pretty packed.

2 thoughts on “PCT Day 6 – Cottonwood Canyon

  1. Ya, just realized that there are pictures in the lower section. Gonna go back and look st the other ones. This view is amazing!! Did you eat the gummy bears and also stop messing with snakes.

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