PCT Day 4 – “Nero” at Mt Laguna

5.2 miles, near 41.5 + 0.8 off trail

The good:

• We woke up pretty excited to only hike around 5 miles, meaning we could spend most the day relaxing in Mt Laguna (a “near zero” = “nero” day is when you hike into town and hang out the rest/most of the day, and a “zero” day would be not hiking at all)

• Mom sent our first resupply box to the general store in town, which went exactly as planned. We are now restocked on breakfast and dinner meals, have a ton of snacks (too many really, it’s out of control 🤪), and we bought some pepperoni and cheese for tortilla lunches

• Fun to chill on the porch, catching up with hikers we’ve seen and meeting new people

• We got to wash our clothes in a bucket with detergent and then laid them out to dry, which worked really well.

• Split a cabin with 2 other friends and enjoyed good conversation.

The bad:

• I’m a morning pooper, and today’s situation was a nightmare. Our site was pinned against the river on one side and the steeper slope with impenetrable shrub on the other side. Things were becoming urgent so I bushwhacked my way into the brush until I could find a small clearing. Twigs were in my hair when I came out.

• Lunch was a disappointingly soggy bbq sandwich. And even without the bun, there was still gluten somewhere in it that disagreed with Carie. Maybe should have saved our money on this one.

• We had the door open most afternoon and now there are mosquitoes buzzing our room (ok not terrible, but annoying)

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