Carie and I drove down for a quick weekend visit to Albuquerque and the balloon fiesta. 

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for our visit. Saturday night was too breezy for the evening glow, a cold front blew through overnight, and Sunday morning was more of the same.

Canon laid out their balloon on Saturday night and attempted to inflate to test the conditions,


A lot of wait and see,


Carie tried her hand at wood carving,


Since the conditions were no good for flying, the balloonists went wild with their burners,


So American it hurts,




We woke up at 5am to get to the park with hopes of a mass farewell ascension of potentially 500+ balloons. We waited in the chilly morning, but the winds would not let up, and the organizers would not give the go-ahead.

Some balloons teasing us from outside of the fest,


A few groups decided to inflate, likely just to give us a little action, before deflating and packing up,


Overall, a disappointing outcome, but there was still much sightseeing to do in the area, so we got back in Helga and headed into the mountains 🙂

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