Grand Mesa… Part 1 of 4 in our Telluride weekend road trip. 

Carie and I drove from Denver to Telluride in search of new sights, colors, and experiences. We detoured from the most direct route to check out Grand Mesa.

Spectacular golden hues and blaze orange leaves near Dillon and Silverthorne along I-70.


Chopper above Copper,


If you can look past the streetlight poles, some amazing hillsides in Vail,


Not much going on past Vail until we headed south and started climbing the mesa,


Getting higher in the ascent, where green turns to gold turns to white,


All of a sudden, we are in winter wonderland. Regions of higher altitude apparently got some snow the night before,


We stopped for a moment at a small lake, where some guys were driving RV boats and attempting a rescue maneuver,


Climbing into the clouds,


Views on top the mesa were… limited, but a very different beauty emerges,


Another couple miles and we’re on the other side, ready to descend into the town of Cedaredge in the Surface Creek Valley,


Very arid land is transformed and suitable for farms thanks to water diversion off the mesa,


The road continues to Telluride… stay tuned.

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