Early Sunday morning, I set off towards Lake Granby. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the weather and trail conditions, but also didn’t have anything planned for the day. 

Driving down main street of Grand Lake, looks like a nice holiday spot,


Just don’t get your hopes up for pizza,


Grand Lake,


I decided to try hiking up to the Shadow Mountain Lookout Tower.

A portion of it is shared with the CDT,


A few puddles to dodge early on, otherwise dry and lots of dead trees,


Near the top I ran into some snow (still early in May after all)


At one point I caught a glimpse of the tower in the distance, almost there! right? Nope. More like an hour of hiking to go,


I had a clif bar when I woke up (3 hours earlier), and snarfed another bar halfway through the hike. I was feeling disappointed I didn’t bring anything more for the top, but then discovered I did indeed bring an apple (and a la croix), score!

The mighty fire tower,


Views of Grand Lake to the north,


Shadow Mountain Lake,


Lake Granby a little farther out,


Another vantage point of Shadow Mountain Lake on the way down,


Had a big burger in town as a post-hike treat before heading out and running into a snow storm on Berthoud Pass… Colorado weather can surprise you!

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