Carie and I took a drive in the mountains to catch the changing colors (yes, we were obnoxious leaf-peepers). We drove west from Denver to Glenwood Springs, and south to Crested Butte.


The last stretch of road to Crested Butte was pretty muddy,


We happened to arrive in Crested Butte late afternoon to witness the annual Vinotok: Celebration of the Harvest Mother and Trial of the Grump. A large group of ren fair folk were bobbing to drum beats in the street. We elected to drink wine and get pizza instead.

2 thoughts on “Fall Colors

  1. I hope the ren fair folk were beating their chests about the beauty of their September world as well……now that’s what I call real Aspen glow……nothing obnoxious about stealing away for those views!


  2. Wow Dave,
    I am just now catching up on your blog. These photos are stunning! The snow dusted highlights add so much to the drama. I do miss mountains. Your work is truly a thing of beauty.

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