Carie and I backpacked in the Sierra Nevada mountains for 3 days. We drove 14 hours from Denver to Mammoth Lakes. We hiked from Agnew Meadows to Thousand Island Lake to Cecile Lake to Devils Postpile.

First day hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) offered great views of the valley,


Can you smell the nature?


Our spot for the night at Thousand Island Lake,


We setup camp and went for a swim,


On the way to Iceberg Lake,


I didn’t test the water temp,


This is where the trail ended as we knew it, and where we had to carefully avoid falling into the lake as we scrambled up the rocks and out of the bowl,


It was pretty difficult, and we felt very accomplished at the top (and thankful to be alive),


Our reward was the very remote Cecile Lake at 10,200 feet and a beautiful sunset,


The next morning, we picked our way around the lake and rock climbed down to Minaret Lake,


The rest of the day was mostly downhill,


We ended at Devils Postpile National Monument, and rode the shuttle bus back to Mammoth Lakes.


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