I drove up to Hulett, WY for the annual Devils Tower PPG fly-in. I arrived late Friday night, around midnight, to the small, gated, muni airport. Everyone was asleep and the wind was howling. I thought about setting my tent up behind one of the hangers, but the wind was vibrating the roof somehow, too loud. I moved a hundred yards away, successfully setting up my tent and getting in before it blew away. Unfortunately, the wind whipping the tent walls was still too loud, so I put the seats down and slept in my car. A huge storm dumped hail on us around 230am. I’m not sure I got any sleep.

My setup next to the John Deere,


One of the guys flew his plane up from Denver,



The wind was not cooperating in the morning, but we managed to find a couple windows to try it out. Kevin went up first, for about 5 minutes. Nate also launched and disappeared for a half hour.


I got a quick 10 minute flight in around 9:30am, very bumpy. Just not fun trying to pilot that air.

A couple guys brought their shifter karts to help kill the time,


A deserted runway really is the best place to zoom around in these go-karts,


Also a good idea to bring something to get around faster. Whatever works,


We drove into town for lunch, then tried to float down the river for a while. We were mildly successful before heading back to the airport and taking naps.

The other excitement was more planes landing. We only saw 3 planes all day, and we knew 2 of them.


We never did get to make a cross country flight to the tower and back, would have been pretty cool up close. This is what the laccolithic butte composed of igneous rock, otherwise known as Devils Tower, looks like from below,


I ended up packing and driving back to Denver after just 18 hours in Wyoming. I look forward to better weather next year (but not the 6 hour drive!)

One thought on “Hulett

  1. ….and what a beautiful Butte that is — gorgeous colors punctuating its presence………that’s the reward of 6 hours behind the wheel, hail Mary’s thru the nite, and winds fishtailing your kite 🙂 Adventure Wyoming style.

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