Carie and I went backpacking in the Great Sand Dunes over the Memorial Day weekend.


The view from Zapata Falls, south of the park DSC_0745

Sandboarding DSC_0667

Little ants down below DSC_0679

Afternoon storms rolling in DSC_0741

We day hiked over Mosca Pass, looking east over the Sangre de Cristo mountains DSC_0809

On the trail towards Carbonate Mountain DSC_0814

Got our backpacking permit, heading out into the dune field DSC_0838

Not a bad spot DSC_0876

Watching the sun set behind the San Juan Mountains DSC_0936

Smiles DSC_0944

One thought on “Great Sand Dunes

  1. Ha! I just commented on your previous post about Golden, since I attended CSM and then I see this and I used to live in the SLV near the Dunes!

    Love the posts! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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